How I healed my herniated disc without surgery
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Late in my recovery, I took a rehab yoga class.  The yoga class was under 10 people and the instructor worked very carefully with each person to adapt what they were doing according to their needs.  She kept the movements very simple and focused us instead on how each movement felt and the quality of the movement. 


Each of the yoga postures or movements felt like it was opening things up or relaxing my back, neck and shoulders.  The slow movement and focus encouraged me to push past a lot of the things I was scared to do, and into positions I was guarding against and I realized that there is no longer any pain in those positions.  Yoga really helped me get to the next stage of my recovery and get back to moving like I used to.


For people in the Seattle area, my course was at the Yoga Barn in Issaquah and Fall City


During my pregnancy (after my back pain was cured) I took prenatal yoga classes.  I could literally feel the yoga movements opening up tight areas, getting muscles in balance again, and helping me relax and connect with my baby.



I have no relationship with the exercises and therapies I describe and created this site purely to inspire others to go take control of their own back care and to provide some ideas of treatments to discuss with your doctor.  If you find this website useful, please add a link to it from your website or blog.

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How I healed my herniated disc without surgery