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Turmeric and celery are reputed to be natural anti-inflammatories. I alternated supplements of both and added them to my diet as well. Click here to learn more about other changes I made to my diet to reduce back pain.

Glucosamine because I was out of commission for so long I had muscle weakness and joint problems in addition to the back stuff. Glucosamine seems to help. I took 1500mg of Glucosamine that I bought at Costco.

Vitamins: Vitamin B helps the nervous system & helps the body absorb nutrients.  Iron seemed to help improve my energy level as I started exercising again. 

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I have no relationship with the solutions I describe and created this site purely to inspire others to go take control of their own back care and to provide some ideas of treatments to discuss with your doctor.  If you find this website useful, please add a link to it from your website or blog.

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