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How I healed my herniated disc without surgery

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When I started suffering with back pain, it seemed like the best thing I could do was treat myself with a big bowl of Ben and Jerry's ice cream or some other sugary treat! Unfortunately as I started to read about pain, I learned that sugar is not only inflammatory, but it increases your body's perception of pain! A double whammy! I had to read this in three or four different places before I was even willing to consider it, but I finally decided to give it a try & the results were phenomenal! Even today, I notice a difference in how I feel when I go on a sugar binge (but don't worry, I didn't have to give up sweets forever, just for long enough to get me over the hump). If you're really craving sweets, there are lots of sugar free options at health food stores.

Carbohydrates are not as inflammatory as pure, refined sugar, but they are converted into sugars in the body and contributed to my pain just like sugar would.  I focused on having a low-carbohydrate diet until my pain subsided.  I didn't go all out like someone on Atkins might, but I cut out anything with white flour or sugar and focused more on whole grains and fibers (which had the added benefit of filling me up!

The Perricone Prescription by Nicholas Perricone is a great resource for figuring out a good, healthy, low carb diet as is The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss by Arthur Agatston

I have no relationship with the solutions I describe and created this site purely to inspire others to go take control of their own back care and to provide some ideas of treatments to discuss with your doctor.  If you find this website useful, please add a link to it from your website or blog.

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How I healed my herniated disc without surgery