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How I healed my herniated disc without surgery
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  Exercise was the single thing I spent the most time on in healing my herniated disc - and the thing it was easiest for me to play a role in myself.  I read that exercise for any muscle in the body will help get endorphins going & naturally kill pain.  Here's a link to other things that reduced my back pain

Every day was different - some days the exercises went better than others - I had to try hard to remember that the variation was normal even when I was 100% healthy.  Also, I found that it was good to take a light day now and then to let the muscles rebuild a little.  The day after a well deserved break I was usually much stronger!



Elliptical machine
Stationary Bike
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Pool Exercises


I have no relationship with the exercises and therapies I describe and created this site purely to inspire others to go take control of their own back care and to provide some ideas of treatments to discuss with your doctor.  If you find this website useful, please add a link to it from your website or blog.

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How I healed my herniated disc without surgery