Elliptical Machine
Exercise for my Herniated Disc and Back Pain
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The elliptical machine was one of the first things I could do to get exercise - and for a long time the only thing I could do at a quick enough pace to get my heart rate up.  The fact that it's low impact helped me exercise on it for longer than I was able to walk on the treadmill, especially in the beginning while I still had a lot of sciatic pain. 


It was very important for me to pay careful attention to my posture while using the elliptical machine - as my muscles fatigued it was easy to fall into a pattern where I lifted my hip instead of my leg because it was easier (especially with the weakness from my sciatica).  As soon as I noticed this happening I stepped off of the machine and went on to something else - usually a little stretching to help me regain my energy.


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