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I was home and not working for almost six months.  My employer offered disability insurance and a leave of absence program that partially paid my salary, but required paperwork from my doctor.

Keeping on top of the disability insurance paperwork was quite a task - it required periodic updates from my doctor on my progress & the doctors office wasn't always prompt about doing them or getting things done and faxed to the proper place.

After lots of trial and error, here's what I learned about how to keep things running smoothly

  • I needed to understand exactly what the deadline was for the next round of disability insurance paperwork
  • Where possible, I gave the paperwork to my doctor with everything I could fill out myself completed at least a week before the deadline
  • I touched base with the doctor (either in person or on the phone) to talk with them about next steps for my care & to estimate how much longer I would be out - this helped avoid them generically filling in "two weeks" and therefore reduced the amount of repeated paperwork
  • I gave the doctor's office a pre-filled fax form with the correct contact information at the disability insurance company and at my employer's coordinator
  • I asked the doctor to fax or mail me a completed copy of the paperwork (providing a fax cover sheet or a pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope as appropriate)
  • I also asked the doctor's office to call me when they'd completed the disability paperwork, and then I called the insurance company to make sure they'd received it

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