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How I healed my herniated disc without surgery
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Nutrition played a huge role in my level of energy and in my recovery. The body needs nutrients and energy in order to heal.  It was also something I could control and make changes as I needed to.

Low Sugar, Low Carb Diet  
According to the diet books I read, sugar and carbohydrates cause inflammation and increased sensitivity to pain.  I realized there was no point taking anti-inflammatory if I was just going to turn around and eat foods that made the inflammation worse.

Vitamins and Supplements
I read good things about different vitamins and supplements, and figured that within the dosage recommended by my doctor they'd be good for my general health as well as any benefits to my back.


Diet Plans:  People think that having a lot of fat and sugar in your diet can lead to degenerative disk disease. I read a bunch of different diet books and figured out my own diet based on what I learned. Here's some back pain and diet books that helped me figure out what to do. My favorite was Foods That Fight Pain : Revolutionary New Strategies for Maximum Pain Relief

Protein: As I began to exercise more, I needed to rebuild the muscle I had lost. Eating lots of protein helped me along.

Nutrition drinks and protein powders: Sometimes it was hard for me to sit up and eat a meal.  I started drinking nutrition drinks or adding protein power to my juice so that when that happened I would still be getting some nutrients.

Anti-inflammatory foods: Certain foods are supposed to help keep down inflammation & address pain. I don't know whether I really believe it, but I figured that I wouldn't hurt myself by eating more of them. Tart cherries, raspberries (and to a lesser extent other red berries), celery, tumeric, and fatty fish are good. Saturated fats are bad. I bought nutrition supplements with celery or turmeric. Health food stores and Trader Joes both have cherry juice and dried cherries. The Perricone Prescription by Nicholas Perricone is a great resource for figuring out which foods cause or reduce inflammation.

I have no relationship with the solutions I describe and created this site purely to inspire others to go take control of their own back care and to provide some ideas of treatments to discuss with your doctor.  If you find this website useful, please add a link to it from your website or blog.

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How I healed my herniated disc without surgery